Congratulations on the big news! If you’re feeling anything like most people do after getting engaged, you’re probably very excited, and also overwhelmed with all the planning at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your guests or bridal party, or you’re serving the Moscow Mule as a signature cocktail on the big day, we want to help you learn how to buy copper Moscow Mule mugs for your wedding at the best possible price and quality.

Step 1: Decide how many mugs you need and what your budget is

You probably already have a number in mind, but remember that most places will offer price breaks at higher quantities. For example, if you’re purchasing the mugs for a wedding favor, and you’re expecting 130 guests, it might work in your favor to buy 144 mugs if that’s the next quantity for a lowered price (and you never know who will show up without RSVPing). The good news is, while Moscow Mule mugs retail for upwards of $20/piece, they are much more affordable through a wholesale supplier like us (more like $4-$7!).

Step 2: Pick a style

There are quite a few different things to consider when choosing the style of mug you want to use for your wedding: the shape, color, material, and your cost-per-guest ratio. There are different shapes and handles that are all considered Moscow Mule mugs, so just browse a little online to find one you like (Click Here to Browse Moscow Mule Mugs). Despite common belief, there are other material options other than pure copper, such as copper-coated stainless steel and aluminum. Most people go with a stainless steel or aluminum option because they are less than half the price as pure copper, and they look just as nice.

Step 3: Consider shipping and printing requirements

If you’re thinking about getting a design of some kind on your mug (your initials, the date, a symbol of some kind, etc.), make sure to take into consideration the extra cost of printing. Also, if you’re working with a supplier that is across the country as opposed to in your own city or state, get a shipping quote before purchasing the mugs as that can drive up the cost per mug considerably depending on the supplier.

Step 4: Purchase early

You never know when something might not go as planned, so be sure to purchase at least a month or 2 in advance if possible so there’s plenty of margin built in for printing and shipping.

In closing

RP & Associates have over 250,000 Moscow Mule mugs in stock across 5 different styles. We are one of the largest suppliers in the nation, and we handle everything in the process from manufaturing to printing and delivery. We would love to get you the most affordable, high-quality mugs for your wedding.

RP & Associates specializes in product design, manufacturing, and distributing of barware, glassware, and promotional products including Moscow Mule Mugs.

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