The reason why I love weddings so much is really very simple.  Its the basic storyline of any great story to begin with.   One of the top ten films by the American Film Institute is always The Godfather, and it begins with a big wedding in the backyard of the Don’s estate in Long Island.  Friends of mine were in that scene (Sonny’s twin girls, I am actually Godfather to Theresa’s son).  But that would be a simple wedding compared to weddings of today.  Even still, simple, small, intimate, large or even over the top like a Platinum Wedding (those over $1million) are always fun.  Sure, its a long day, we start shooting at the bride’s house around noon and we don’t leave till the party ends at midnight.  However, we do enjoy good food when we have a minute to sit, we are generally around young, energetic people who like to have fun, and we are part of a very significant event in a family’s life history.  It does not come without some stress and patience is a must.  However, I’ve worked on several documentaries which years later have not yet been completed (because I was not in charge).  A wedding, you do all the shooting in one day, and a week or 2 later its complete, beginning to end, complete with baby photos, growing up, dating and honeymoon photo montage.

Sure, there are often some snags the day of the wedding, but once you have done 100 or 1000 of them, you usually know your way around the problems and can help the bride, groom and their family alleviate some stress with a veteran’s advice.  Of course if there is family drama, just step back and capture the good stuff that is not so traumatic on stills or video.

They say 90% of people get married.  And, that would mean ALL types of people get married.  Not just rich, not only poor, its not exclusive to doctors, lawyers, accountants or school teachers, EVERYONE enjoys this life’s milestone, blue collar, white collar, or those born with a silver spoon.  Some of the funnest and easiest weddings can be the simplest ones that are low budget, but that does not mean that some of the higher-end expensive weddings come with the most stress.  In fact, its often the larger weddings you tend to worry about which flow along fine, and often its the simpler venues which tend to be more problematic.  Its hard to imagine, even harder to predict, but as long as you know your way around the wedding day, it all works out fine in the end.

The final hurdle is post-production.  As long as you can take what you shot that day and turn it into something beautiful and memorable, thats all that really matters, especially if its delivered in a timely fashion.  If you are a professional an shoot or capture every significant event during the day, and over-compensate when you can, a photographer or videographer should have no problems or complaints by the client.  Of course you run into a bad apple here and there, but that is why you always cover all your bases, get extra footage, photos or shots and in the end, as I said, all will be fine.

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