Liberty State Park, Jersey City NJ

A fisheye lens of the camera captures the Jersey City buildings on the left and the New World Trade Center Tower in the right across the Hudson River which separates New York and New Jersey.

Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey is a great historic place any time of year.  If you want to kill a few hours or even a day, this is the place, and its all free.  It is situated on the Hudson River directly across from the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.  So you have a great view of New York without having to cross the river, go through a tunnel or bridge, but still would like the scenery.  Above you see the construction of the new Freedom Tower to replace the former Two World Trade Center Towers built in 1970 which was destroyed by terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Over to the left there are many fine places for weddings and other events.  From The Jersey City Hyatt or the Liberty House or even Marine Parc you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Between the pier and marina, you can see there is a large lawn which is perfect for people who want to come tan, setup a picnic with family, or just walk around the perimeter of the park.  You will see runners, bicyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers, and anything else you might see in a typical park.

What you will also find are a lot of wedding, prom, models who want a good background without a permit, etc.  However, parking is limited to about 100 spaces approximately.  I never counted, but often people have to circle around for hours and/or wait for people to leave to get a parking space.  You can pay $7 the next lot over, but remember the traffic police are on duty and even hassle even the limo drivers waiting for the bride and groom to finish up photos.

There are park benches there so you can look across the Hudson River and see the Empire State Building as well.

There are many spots of interest to take photos of any kind here.  One is the “Empty Skyline” which is a memorial of two large steel structures across from where the two Twin Towers stood before their destruction.  Here you will find the names of everyone who died in those terrorist attacks that day.  From the Hudson River comes a strong breeze flowing through this Memorial, its haunting, as if the spirits are reaching out to those who visit and pay tribute to all the brave men, women, police, firefighters and emergency workers who died that day.

You also have the vintage train station, again, great for photos, but inside there are many shops and places to purchase food, drinks and refreshments. The old trains are always a favorite amongst many, especially younger children, but be careful, it is not safe to play or climb on.

Spend some time, bring your family, dogs, pets, mate, lovers, spouse, its also a great place to get yacht cruise tours of Manhattan.

Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey


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