A Honeymoon after a wedding is what all newlyweds dream of, perhaps just as much, if no more than a long engagement and a wedding, big or small.   In many cases, the bride and groom spent a year or more planning, and they really need a vacation after what can be a stressful event.  It is curious to me why people would want to go on a 3-week honeymoon to Europe.  Without a doubt its something that should be and needs to be done, however, you have to ask if that sort of adventure is worth stress on top of stress.  Everyone is different but for me, and I think most people, a relaxing, easy destination is more appropriate.  There is nothing wrong with the continental United States like Miami or California, but if you need an island, there are plenty that are less than a few hours away like Aruba, Puerto Rico, Mexico or something similar as long as it is a direct flight. Give it some thought. A more relaxing honeymoon might be a better option than a travel adventure which involves a lot of screening at customs, several stops and perhaps even knowledge of another language.


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