Up-Scaling The Wedding Entrée


What you see above, I have never seen in my 15+ years of filming and photographing weddings. Its a Kansas City Pork Chop with Jack Daniel’s Sauce with braised Red Cabbage and Sweet Potato Hash.  It was delicious, so delicious in fact, if I were vegan I would skip the double thick pork chop and just eat a whole plate of the braised red cabbage and sweet potato hash.   Now I know that all men hate weddings unless there is an open bar and good food.  This will be a game-changer if they know ahead of time what they are in store for.

Often we get basic dishes with attractive names like “Chilean Sea Bass” (which is not Chilean or bass, but basically a bottom feeding fish like monkfish from the other side of the continent).  Or, the “Harvest Chicken” which is a very small chicken or cornish game hen with stuffing, and of course, the prime rib with mashed potatoes.  These are not bad entrees, in fact often they are good, but its the same old menu wedding after wedding.

This entree puts a new spin on it.  Pork chops?  Sure, why not? Even in New York, a Kansas City pork chop can fly, especially if its got Jack Daniel’s reduction sauce spread over it… who wouldn’t?   Here in New York we can have a strip steak any day.

I’d like to see more of this.  We know that every wedding menu must have at least 3 choices, beef, fish or vegetarian.  Knowing that, why wouldn’t the catering halls mix it up a bit and offer different fare that won’t really cost more than the traditional items, in fact, it might cost less.  Its just a thought that you can just change very basic ingredients like the sauce and the sides and break from the normal ho-hum entrees and deliver something, if not anything else, is worth someone remembering.

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