Destinations are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reasons.  Many people do not want to go through the trouble of planning a really large wedding with distant cousins, extended family, friends of friends, people from work, etc.  The easy solution to avoid all drama (or at least most of it), is to have a destination wedding.  The people that really want to be there will do the best they can to be there.  Those who don’t will find an easy excuse, and there is nothing wrong with that.  For example, not everyone can take a week off from work and spend thousands of dollars on what was otherwise could have been spent on a vacation elsewhere.

So if you are the one planning to be married, you are probably very well aware that not everyone will be able to attend.  And that is fine, it is your day, your event, and you should do what makes you and your spouse happy.  If you are the guest, the bride and groom understand perfectly well that you might not be able to make it and they are not doing it to make it a hardship for you and/or your family.  If you can’t attend, buy them a gift card if you feel its appropriate.  If you do attend, do not make it the large gift you might have if it was a local venue. They understand (or should understand) your gift is taking time off from work and life to celebrate with you.

The idea behind a destination wedding is really a simple one. The couple might not have a lot of money for a big wedding but definitely want that honeymoon.  So the idea of a destination wedding is perfect.  The bride and groom get their wedding and honeymoon all in one shot, for nearly the same price, maybe a little bit more. Either way, it is far less than the average wedding costs of $20,000 or more. No limos, no catering halls, limited decorations and flowers, and for the bride, her bridesmaids don’t all have to be in matching colors.  Assuming the destination is an island, why not the beach dress of their color and choice?

Like everything, there are pros and cons, but a destination wedding is something that can work out really well.  After all, if you have a big wedding locally, you will only see the people that flew in for only a day or two for a few hours.  But people that make it to your destination wedding you can spend a week with.  It will be a vacation for them too.

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